The Grand Salon
c. 1900

Photographed by Thuss The Grand Salon of the Belmont Mansion is fifty-eight feet long and was added in 1859-60 by architect Adolphus Heiman. The room features a twenty-two-foot-tall barrel-vaulted ceiling, as well as Corinthian columns with cast iron capitals, and an impressive freestanding staircase. The original black and white marbleizing of the floor is still visible on the riser of the staircase.

1849 Adelicia Hayes Franklin purchases three parcels of land that will become Belmont Estate.

1890 On Sept 4, Belmont College for Young Women opens its doors with an enrollment of 90 young ladies.

1913-1923 Heron, Hail, & Pembroke are built.

1914 Blanton Academic Hall is built.

1951-1991 In 40 years, Belmont College grows from 128 students to 2,800 students.

1968 Wright Hall is built.

1972 Blanton Academic Hall, the main Academic building on campus, which housed the library, is destroyed by fire.

1981 Gabhart Student Center completed.

1990 Jack C. Massy Business Center opened.

1993 Lila D. Bunch Library completed Sam Wilson Music Building completed.

2003Curb Event Center Maddox Grand Atrium Beaman Student Life Center Kennedy Hall

2007 Belmont University ends its formal relationship with the Tennessee Baptist Convention.

2009 Patton Hall & Bear House Hall Built.

2010 present New Law School building in progress.

1889 The house and 13 acres are sold to Miss Hereon and Miss Hood, who plan to turn the house into a women’s school.

1890-1913 Fidelity, Friendship, and Founders Hall are added to Mansion structure.

1951 Executive Board of the Tennessee Baptist Convention takes over and turns the 2 years women’s institution to a 4-year co. educational Christian-focus school, Belmont College.

1967 Massey Preforming Arts Center (MPAC) built; remodeled in 1997.

1971 Belmont Mansion is placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1974 Hitch Science Building & Wheel Humanities Building are built on the old site of Blanton.

1985 Maddox Hall Built.

1991 Belmont College is re-titled Belmont University.

1999 Leu Center for the Visual Arts completed.

2006 Gordon E. Inman Center for Nursing.

2008 Belmont hosts a Townhall Presidential Debate Maple Hall Built.

2010 McWhorter Pharmacy School opened.